Monthly Archives: March 2019

February Bus Meeting

Good morning brother’s and sister’s. Some notes from the Bus meeting with AA yesterday. AA is installing GPS on all buses and will be completed on March 11 2019. On this day the new app Ride Systems will go live and allow us to see in real time where the buses are at. You can download the app in the Google play store and Apple store. The app will allow you to sign up for notifications and allow feedback to be sent directly from the app to the administration team to address. When you open the app select American Airlines and it will send you to the home screen. Envoy is blue and American is red. Click on the blue Envoy to see the current buses that are fitted with the GPS. Take some time to get accustomed to the settings and the layout. There is new leadership taking over the buses and we were promised a better experience with the new team in charge and the roll out of the Ride Systems app. We voiced other concerns that were taking note of. We will be meeting with the new leadership to make the current bus schedule more suitable for our needs. If you continue to have issues with the buses and need to speak directly to the dispatcher this is the new number to Aries dispatch 630-660-0090. Please continue to inform us about any issues with the buses. The next meeting will be held on March 28 2019 3pm East conference room on the mezzanine level. Come join us and show your support. Thank you again to everyone who came out yesterday. #WeAreWorthIt