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A Call to ALL Members!!!!

Brothers and sisters,

As you know the bus service for Envoy is atrocious. As my email that was posted yesterday stated I’m done with emails with local management. Today I began calling Pedro Fabregas CEO and President of Envoy in an attempt to bring our concerns to the highest level. There was no answer today, I sent an email requesting a meeting with Mr. Fabregas immediately.

Now it’s time I need all of your help. We all have voices but are you ready to use them? So many times I hear big talk in the break rooms but when management is brought in and the opportunity for your voice to be heard is given everyone is silent. This can not be the case this time.
On February 28th Thursday at 3pm in the East conference room on the mezzanine level we will have the people in charge of the buses along with AA management in the same room at the same time. I am requesting as many people to show up to this meeting so we can all be heard. In our previous meeting Ricky Dean told us that we could have only 1 member present to represent us, but Local 512 from AA had 11 people. It’s obvious he wanted to keep us out and keep our voices silent. This can not happen again. Come and show your support.

If you have tired to call the Aries dispatch lately you will notice that no one picks up. They changed the number and no one is giving out the new one. I need everyone that is affected by the bus being late, leaving you behind, or just not showing up to start calling these numbers listed below or send and email. We need to cause enough inconvenience that we force change to happen. The traditional ways of doing business have not worked. It’s time to be a disruptive force and stand together on this ongoing issue.

Pedro Fabregas

John Jaynes

Ricky Dean

Doug Parker