Welcome Letter

Dear: Fleet Service Clerks

Welcome to the Transport Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO local 571. The TWU local 571 represents almost 1,000 members. As you begin your new career, please know that TWU local 571 is here to make sure that you have respect and dignity in the workplace and to fight for better wages, benefits, and working conditions. Your addition to the TWU local 571 family makes us even stronger.

Attached is a packet of information describing some of your rights and benefits such as, union by laws, constitution, scholarships for recipients and Weingarten Rights. Please take the time to review the materials and acquaint yourself with the services that are available to you. Take full advantage of the services and feel free to call our Executive Board any time you have a question or concern. You can also access additional information at the TWU website, www.twu.org.

We are proud to have you as a new member of our union. With the support of all of our members, we as a local union shop will exhaust your rights to the fullest extent. Under law, every worker in your bargaining unit must be treated equally. Contact your president and become involved! The names and phone numbers of the executive board will be on a list given to you with this welcome packet.

Your dues and initiation fee payment will be deducted from your paycheck after a check-off authorization card has been signed by you and received by our treasurer. At that time you will be entitled to all of the benefits and privileges of your membership.

Gilbert Huertas
Local 571

Local 571 Officers


















Gilbert Huertas                  630-518-5629

1st Vice President

Luis D. Rodriguez          773-799-5977

2nd Vice President

Mark Szumylo              847-372-9673

Secretary Treasurer

Luis Sanchez                773-671-1220

Recording Secretary

Guillermo G. Bahena     773-732-4467

Executive Board

Jesus Zamarron             773-715-0404

Executive Board

Adam Fernandez            773-817-8419

Executive Board

Robin Nucup                  630-670-8204